Monday, October 12, 2009

My World Tuesday - Rose Hill Manor

Rose Hill Manor

Rose Hill Manor is well known because it was the retirement home of Thomas Johnson, the first elected Governor of Maryland. He was born in Calvert County in 1732, was admitted to the Maryland bar in 1753 and to the Frederick bar in 1760. He was active in the Maryland legislature and events of the American Revolution, including commanding the Maryland Militia. He was a delegate to the First Continental Congress in 1774. He also served as an Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court. In 1778 he purchased the land known as Rose Garden and renamed it Rose Hill. However, he then purchased land further north of the City of Frederick and built his home there. He gave Rose Hill to his daughter Ann Jennings Johnson and she and her husband built the home shown here. After the death of his wife, Gov. Johnson lived with his daughter until his death in 1819.

In 1964, 50 acres of Rose Hill were sold to the City of Frederick for a high school, which bears his name. In 1968 Frederick County purchased the remaining 43 acres for to establish the first county park. Today Rose Hill is a Children's Museum, providing a glimpse into life 200 years ago in the early like of the US. The museum offers tours to groups as well as individuals. Spring and fall festivals are held in addition to other events during the year.

In 1977 the Farm Museum was established at Rose Hill. It provides a look at farming on the late 1800's and early twentieth century. There is also an exhibit of fine carriages and sleighs from the collection of Robert H. Renneberger.

Rock wall

Original log cabin

Dairy barn

Hay ride at the fall festival


Sylvia K said...

What a very interesting post, Lew! And I love your photos! Really enjoyed the history! Thanks for sharing!

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kaye said...

I agree with Sylvia--very interesting post.

J Bar said...

What a great place.
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Thanks for sharing. It's a addition on my knowledge about history. ;D

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So interesting, and your photos. Love them so much Lew. ;D

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Happily Retired Gal said...

Lovely photographs and interesting information ... thanks for the virtual tour ;--)
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Erin said...

a good tuesday to you lew. so liked this post ... and your photographs were perfect. a place i would love to visit when i am in your part of the world.
have a good evening.

Arija said...

Great to see such a great old place so well kept and looked after.

Emily Jacob said...

Rose hill Mannor huh? Seems cool, never heard of it though... Maybe I could check it out :)