Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Header Challenge - Textures around out side

The header theme was texture and I found most of these in our yard. The exception is the art work on the Carroll Street Bridge.



Light and feathery

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Header challenge - Tell a story in pictures

Four years ago, we remodeled the kitchen. First step was to call the contractor who had done some previous work for us. He made some recommendations . We selected cabinets, signed the contract, and work began. We cleared the kitchen of pots, pans, food, dishes, table and chairs  all of which went to spare bedroom and other parts of the house.

 The old cupboard is bare

 The crew then went to work  moving appliances and stripping the room bare.

On one wall some mold was found and the hazmat folks were called. Turns out the stuff was dead and not dangerous.

A few more weeks and new cabnets were in place along with appliances;
 a new microwave; the old kitchen table;

and the new cupboard was restocked.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Header Challenge Looking down (stream)

I have not recently scaled high mountains or buildings, so I have been pointing my camera down towards near items. My header and first image are looking down stream along Owens Creek.
 Looking down at a hint of spring.

 Looking down to see the top of the library.

Looking down at the duck, not bothered by the camera or me.