Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sky Watch - Hazy skies

August around here is usually hot and muggy, with hazy skies. But this summer we have had some cool days with hazy skies . . . 

and a little morning fog and drizzle.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Header Challenge - Wet volunteers

The beautification of Carroll Creek was accomplished with the efforts of the City parks folks and many volunteers. (Money was also volunteered to purchase the water plants.) These three volunteers were found recently giving the plants some tender loving car and removing trash from the water. 
Find the 2 volunteers in this one

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our World - Frederick flying

Frederick airport now has a air traffic control tower which began operations about a year ago. After 9-11 the FAA restricted flights by small planes to air fields closer to Washington and many more flights now arrive here.  


The MetLife blimp stopped over night earlier this month on its way to another event in the southern US. It stayed a few extra days as a storm with heavy winds moved up the eastern part of the US. We see this one and the Goodyear blimps once or twice a year as they cover golf tournaments, football games and the Preakness horse race.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sky Watch - Hot air balloon

Monday Marianne spotted a hot air balloon heading toward our house, so I went outside with my camera. The balloon seemed stationary (there was no wind) and was dropping lower. After a few minutes I saw the flame as he added more lift. The balloon began to rise and drift towards me, eventually passing directly overhead.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Header Challenge - Butterflies

We have not had as many butterflies in our yard this year as usual. The little white ones were abundant and I followed a couple of larger camera shy ones around the yard. The photos seen here were taken in the flower garden at one of our nearby orchards. When I thought of butterflies as a header topic, I did not plan on using one in my header last week. Another version of that butterfly appears in the images below. The gray moth was found on our screen door. Follow the links at the top of my side bar to see the other headers in the challenge.
I had no takers on my headers for sale, so two of the samples now head up my other two blogs (see sidebar).



Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our World - Baker Park

Baker Park runs along Carroll Creek at Bentz Street to US 15. The eastern end shown here contains open space, trees, tennis courts, fountains and flowers.

The 47 bell carillon dedicated to Joseph Dill Baker for whom the park is named.
 A ball field.

 A concert venue.

 Flowering trees.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sky Watch - Blue and white

Our sky on the afternoon of August 15 -
a very nice day for August.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Header Challenge - Headers for sale

Mac's selection for this week's header challenge was  QUOMODOCUNQUIZE. 
Translated = Making Money in Any Possible Way. Pick one way of (making money), and sub title it, so your Header and post pics relate to that particular way, This should give ev1 a really wide choice of ways  -  ideas could be endless.

So here is my way to make a little money. I will provide a header for your blog for a small donation (minimum $1 US or .75 EURO) to one of your local arts organizations. The money "made" will stay close to your home and you will have a new header to display. The choices follow.  Here are the available headers (all with "your blog name here") made from my recent photo work.

Pets - Our cats are willing to pose (sleeping and shedding fur are what they do best!)

Sky - How about a blue header?

Water scene - Carroll Creek linear park

Farming - This farmer is harvesting wheat and making hay (and hopefully some money too).

Water lily - This one is downstream from the photo above.

To get your personal header, leave me a comment on this post with the following info:
1. the name of your blog
2. the image you wish for your header
3. your email address

4. the name of the organization to which you donated.

Note: These images are JPEG format, sized to 900 pixels wide (height varies) and the largest is a 135 KB file.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Our World - Humming birds

We put our humming bird feeders out earlier and for while did not see any of them. Then one started to appear once in a while. Then a second one started harassing the one at the feeder. We have seen four at the same time and some times two will share the same feeder. They are amazing fliers and disappear quickly into the trees after a few sips of our home brewed nectar.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sky Watch - Sky at sunset

This is the western sky last Saturday as seen from Carroll Creek Linear park in Frederick over a twenty minute span.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Header Challenge - Where there's smoke

 ... these folks soon appear!

This barn fire in March 2011 was across the fields behind our house. Fredrick County fire and rescue services are  provided by a mix of volunteer and paid staff. The response to a fire like this will bring units from the surrounding towns. Unfortunately, many of the trucks lining the road could not get near enough to help with the fire. For many of the farm fires, water must be brought in on tankers. Many thanks go to these companies that protect us from fires, provide emergency medical care and sometimes rescue us from places we should not be!.