Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Header Challenge - Headers for sale

Mac's selection for this week's header challenge was  QUOMODOCUNQUIZE. 
Translated = Making Money in Any Possible Way. Pick one way of (making money), and sub title it, so your Header and post pics relate to that particular way, This should give ev1 a really wide choice of ways  -  ideas could be endless.

So here is my way to make a little money. I will provide a header for your blog for a small donation (minimum $1 US or .75 EURO) to one of your local arts organizations. The money "made" will stay close to your home and you will have a new header to display. The choices follow.  Here are the available headers (all with "your blog name here") made from my recent photo work.

Pets - Our cats are willing to pose (sleeping and shedding fur are what they do best!)

Sky - How about a blue header?

Water scene - Carroll Creek linear park

Farming - This farmer is harvesting wheat and making hay (and hopefully some money too).

Water lily - This one is downstream from the photo above.

To get your personal header, leave me a comment on this post with the following info:
1. the name of your blog
2. the image you wish for your header
3. your email address

4. the name of the organization to which you donated.

Note: These images are JPEG format, sized to 900 pixels wide (height varies) and the largest is a 135 KB file.


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Lew: Very neat way to make money for charity. You should get some interesting comments.

imac said...

Well done Lew, A great idea and the 1st ive visited too.