Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our World - Polar vortex

January 21 8:24 EST - Light snow

The weather folks have come up with a new name for the cold, snowy weather we are having this week. Sometimes it is an "Alberta Clipper", now it is a Polar (or Artic) Vortex. For me it's just what can happen this time of year. For the record, the forecasts were accurate. Temperature was 28F (2C) when I got up this morning and is now 20F (-7C) heading for 3F (-16C). Prediction is 6 - 10 inches, we now have about 6 inches and the wind is blowing!

If you think this storm is bad,
check this blizzard from 1938!!!

January 21 8:25 EST - Snow bath

January 21 9:237 EST - Across the street

January 21 9:38 EST - Getting deeper

January 21 9:39 EST - Across the field


Bill Nicholls said...

Looks cold there Lew

Jackie said...

I have shaken my head about the term "polar vortex."
Isn't it simply known as winter.
I think that some of the weather "people" have too much time on their hands. We have enough politically correct terms to remember without adding another one to the weather vocabulary.
Lovely photos of the snow.
Looks like you are in for a cold few days. Stay warm, my friend.

eileeninmd said...

It is cold out there Lew! I hope you stay safe and warm..I am looking forward to spring, wish it would arrive early.
Have a happy day!