Monday, January 6, 2014

Our World - Cold and windy

Thursday night the snow started and then it got cold. (That is about -15C).

Across the street (above) and our backyard (below)

Tonight is predicted to be 4 again with strong winds, so we are ready to keep warm in front of a nice fire. 


Marcia said...

My posting was about the weather here in MD too.

Andrea said...

Looks familier ... a lot of people are suffering severe cold. We were down to -18 last night, Made it up to -7 today and it is on it's way back down already. My heart goes out to all the wildlife that has to tolerate this cold outside ... don't know how they do it. Very nice set of pictues, Lew.

Andrea @ From The Sol

Cynthia said...

Winter is here! It looks like you are prepared to stay warm by the fire.

Judith Gray said...

I love the icicles coming from the roof guttering! It is a real contrast to the heat wave and drought we are having in Queensland, Australia at the moment. Great photos.

hula-la said...

The joys of a winter wonderland. Deep breaths...springtime must rest for all of its glory! Aloha