Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Header Challenge - Small visitor

Our header challenge this week is a theme on our own choice. Last September, a good friend we had not seen in a long time came for a visit. She brought with her a traveling companion whom she photographs in the places she visits. So I capture a few images of Gumby also. We toured the Gettysburg Battlefield, the site of the turning battle of the U. S. Civil War. Gumby climbed on Mr. Lincoln's hat to get a closer look. He checked out this cannon and numerous other weapons during our visit.

 He liked the fence style of the 1860's

 Gumby's view of the US Army monument

We also visited Carroll Creek Park in Frederick. He liked the art work painted on the bridge and its abutments. He also took pleasure in the fountains that were more his size.

He also like our flowers in the yard and 
Marianne's decorations on the mantle.

Here is a header from about the time of his visit


imac said...

Well Lew, what a great choice for this weeks theme Gumby and his travels, most interesting.I also know a few folk take their doll,teddy, toy on holiday with them and photograph them lol,

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Gumby certainly was busy, he went to a lot of places with you.

Craver Vii said...

What a fun idea! I love seeing pics like this. That's especially good for pics while traveling or visiting famous places.

Christine said...

Great! Love your photojournalism of Gumby's visit. What a great place to visit, too!

katney said...

When my high school senior grandson was in second grade, he sent me his "Flat Ryan"--a class project based on the "Flat Stanley" books. Flat Ryan went with me everywhere for a couple of weeks, with photos to show for it, then was mailed home. Gumby reminds me of Flat Ryan.

RuneE said...

Nice idea to bring around your own little model. Sets things very much in perspective.