Thursday, January 2, 2014

Header Challenge - It's all new

but not necessarily what it looks like!
A nice, big Canon lens for my Nikon?

No, but it does keep my morning coffee hot!

A new photography book published by my daughter and her friend. Gorgeous images from Norway, Iceland and the artic waters.

A new game from one of our granddaughters. Like Monopoly, except you buy cats instead of properties; litter boxes and fish instead of houses and hotels. We'll see how Buster and Zoey like the game.
And that tiny camera? At first I thought it was a key chain, but it is a thumb drive that will hold about 1,100 of my Nikon images. 

Just a few of thee new things we received at Christmas.
Thanks everyone!


imac said...

Well done Lew, funny, I have a Nikon Lens coffee cup - they are greater.
Cats alive game too+ and the mini camera thats not a camera, lovely all new gifts my friend.

Steve Borichevsky said...

Happy New Year, Lew! That's a pretty cool thumb drive.

Craver Vii said...

Nice gifts. Time and time again, I find more things in common with you, Sir! I have a similar mini-DSLR USB flash drive as well as a Nikon lens-style cup. I don't use that cup for drinking, because I exclusively use my "super grandpa" mug (at the office).

Gosh, I think those photo books are so cool! I'm sure you're enjoying browsing through those pics.

Happy New Year, Lew!!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very cool Lew, some neat gifts for the New Year.

katney said...

I am impressed by it all but the tiny camera thumbdrive reminds me of a camera nearly that small that a classmate of mine had years ago. You see, we were on a tour of the Holy Land--this was before the Six Day War. Jerusalem was a divided city--Old Jerusalem in Jordan and the new city in Israel. You did have your passport stamped with the Israel visa or you could not travel to any Arab countries--don't know if that is still the case 50 years later. To go from Old Jerusalem into Israel you walked single file through the Mandelbaum Gate, through No Man's Land, with soldiers in the upper floors watching with rifles ready. Photography was not allowed. Cameras were packed away. Except for this one girl and her mini camera. Scared the bejeezus out of the rest of the group.

Christine said...

Sweet thumb drive! And I love that you got images into an actual photo book to enjoy; there's something about seeing them in print instead of onscreen. Happy New Year!

Jackie said...

Love that cup!
I had seen a photo of one like it at Craver's blog a while back. I loved it then, and I still do.
The thumb drive (little camera) is so clever, too. You were given precious and thought-filled gifts, and I love seeing them here at your blog.
I send you wishes for a very Happy 2014, my friend.