Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Window Views - Third story lookout

As I walk through the City of Frederick, I usually look up for interesting windows and/or reflections. On October 17 I spotted both - a reflection of the blue sky and a lone figure watching. These windows are the second and third floors of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. Below is a close up of the figure in the window.


EG Wow said...

I like the arch shape at the top of each window. How interesting they are painted blue. Neat photo!

Joy said...

A stand out blue reflection. Sounds a rather specialised, and intriguing museum.

Cildemer said...

Very nice capture and great reflections!
Love the shape of the windows:o)

Have a nice Thursday****

Anonymous said...

I think the arches are really a nice touch. LOL on the second image.

Anonymous said...

I also like the shape of these windows.