Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My World - Great grandson

We went south to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Marianne's family in South Carolina. We stayed with our Christy this time and had family meals with Jim and Tammy. But the center of attention throughout was Bryce, our 5-month-old great grandson.

Bryce with uncles Chris and Michael

Snacks for nibbling while the turkey cooked
(I turned off the camera when the turkey was done)

Bryce wanted a big spoonful!

Big smiles all around
(photo by Marianne)

Marianne and her boys play Rummikub

Bryce roots for the home team


Cindy said...

Great pictures Lew. That last one of Bryson is gorgeous.

Sylvia K said...

What a great time! And your photos are terrific as always, Lew! I do love the last one of Bryce! What handsome little guy he is! Hope your week is going well!


Anonymous said...

My - he's a cute baby!

aka Penelope said...

Bryce is too cute for words, especially love the “smiles all around” picture and the picture of him sitting in the corner of the couch. Lucky family with many happy years ahead!

RuneE said...

No wonder he got all the attention, he seems to deserve it :-)

Birgitta said...

Great pictures!

Al said...

That's awesome, Lew. We saw our grandchildren over Thanksgiving, but no great-grandchildren for many years yet.

sunflowerkat321 said...

What could be better in one's world than a baby. He is absolutely ADORABLE! I know you enjoyed your time with him. Thanks for sharing.


Ann said...

what does he call you? Greatgrandpa?

For my kind of Chinese, it is easy, Ah Tai.

eileeninmd said...

Lew, you had a great time with yoru family. And your little great grandson is adorable. Wonderful photos of the family.