Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sky Watch - Late afternoon

Clouds - 5:19 pm Nov. 14

Clouds and moon - 5:26 pm Nov. 14

Southwest sky - 5:32 pm Nov. 14

Southwest sky - 5:52 pm Nov. 14


morememes said...

Hiya Lew,

What interesting cloud patterns .
I understand they all have names, which I would forget, so I'm not bothering to learn them :-)

Sylvia K said...

Fantastic captures, Lew! I do love those cotton ball looking clouds against such rich blue skies! Really gorgeous, superb shots! Hope you've had a good week and wishing you a great weekend! Enjoy!


Kebeni said...

lovely photos

Jossie said...

Lovely skies with dots of cream. I am amazed bij the clear blue of it. Looks like you live in a pollution free area. Out skies are always a little hazy.

Jack and Joann said...

Hi Lew, we have been having nice weather and skies. I heard we may get a lot of rain in the next couple of weeks along the Atlantic seaboard. Happy Thanksgiving.

Shirley said...

Terrific cloud patterns! Nice captures!!

Sally in WA said...

Nice work, Lew. I like how the moon was able to peek through that cloud cover. Have a great weekend.