Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My World Tuesday - Family surprise

On Saturday we succeeded in surprising Bro John (light shirt right center) a few days in advance of his 60-th birthday! Marianne and her siblings have been doing this for the decade birthdays for some time and this time it was her brothers turn again. His wife came up with the idea of us showing up at a pig picking they were having to celebrate the end of the school year (she works for one of the local schools). There were 50 or so others there to enjoy the company and food. John provided the BBQ pig and chicken; otheres brought salads, beans, desserts.

The food was great and there was plenty.

On Sunday, we celebrated his birthday; old family stories were retold and new ones told. We renewed sibling rivalries with card games and just enjoyed seeing each other, as we live in South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland and Connecticut.

And the guys helped John load the tables and chairs to return to his boss who graciously loaned them to John.

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Arija said...

So important as we get older to meet with our siblings on a more regular basis. Grat organization and obviously tasty pig!