Monday, June 1, 2009

Historic Bridges: Bennies Hill Road revisited

Attaching cables and straps

On May 28, the Bennie's Hill Road Bridge was reset on its abutments. The bridge structure has been resting in the road while the abutments were rebuilt. Some parts of the metal structure were replaced and the bridge repainted. This 94-foot bridge was originally built in 1879 and is listed on the National Register of Historical Places. A large crane was used to lift the bridge, swing it over the creek and lower it onto the abutments. For another view of the bridge in air, see my Thursday post. There is still work to be done before traffic can cross the creek. Floor beams and decking must be replaced and work around the approach completed. I will do another update after the bridge is open to traffic. For more info on this bridge (and other historic bridges) see Historic Bridges of Michigan and Elsewhere.

Lift off!

Over the creek

View of the other side

Almost there

In place!


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