Monday, March 1, 2010

Geometry - Arches, shape of strength

Arches have been used for centuries to build structures that supported heavy loads. Here are two examples. Above is a pedestrian bridge over Carroll Creek in downtown Frederick built about 5 years ago. Below is the Legore Bridge over the Monocacy River in the northern part of the county. James Legore built the bridge in 1900 to speed deliveries of stone from his quarry to customers in Pennsylvania. To see more geometry, go to Katney's Kaboodle.


quilly said...

I have a bridge up, too, but mine are not quite as stoned as these. ;)

Seriously, these are beautiful bridges and you've show-cased them well.

I am home from my travels to the East, and Wednesday we move into our new home, finally, so you may once again be seeing me around!

quilly said...

Oh! Macro Monday & Geometry #4

katney said...

If it weren't for arches and triangles, I don't knwo how the world would hold up.