Monday, July 7, 2008

Bridges Between - Legore Bridge

Legore Bridge is a five arch, stone bridge constructed around 1900 by James William Legore. He ran the Legore Quarry and used his company's limestone and workmen to build the bridge. The bridge is 50 feet (15m) above the Monocacy River and 248 feet (76m) long. The bridge provided a link between his quarry and his customers in Pennsylvania. It is still in use today for local traffic.

See the Maryland Maryland Historical Trust for information on Legore Bridge and other historical bridges.


RuneE said...

I enjoy seeing such obviously excellent workmanship. Today it seems to be in a quiet neighbourhood. Very nice that it is still being used and kept up.

Hyde DP said...

excellent selection of shots of an interesting bridge.

Anonymous said...

That is some great bridge. Thanks for sharing it.