Friday, August 28, 2009

PhotoHunt - Birthday surprise!

A few years ago (well . . . 9 to be exact), Marianne and our kids pulled off a surprise sixtieth birthday party for me. Brother-in-law and his wife were here and all the grandkids. That's me hugging my eldest daughter.

A camcorder was among the presents.

Chris was first in line for a piece of cake.

Front: Chris, Becky, Michael
Back: Christy, me Anthony, Jennifer

The whole crowd, except Lynne who took the picture.

Photo credits: first unknown, second: Ginny, third: Marianne, last two: Lynne


Mrs Mecomber said...

Wow nice camcorder!! :D

Mine is up! I hope you can come visit my Surprise! New York

Anonymous said...

What a great birthday surprise and what a lovely family you have!

Alice Audrey said...

Looks like you had quite the bash.

Mine is here.

kaye said...

what a nice surprise

Summer said...

Oh great! I like that camcorder, i want it..hahaha
Anyways, you really have a great and happy family! =D

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