Monday, August 24, 2009

Odd shots - Out of place?

Back on the first Saturday in August there was a Vintage VW show, with these air-cooled VW's on display in several spots around Everedy Square. Can you spot the oddity in the above shot?

It's this 1964 Porsche, the only one at the show. The cars are cousins and Ferdinand Porsche designed the VW. The air-cooled Porsches are welcomed at the VW shows.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, oh! I want the black,no the tan one! I will own a beetle again...someday! Great shots Lew :)

BTW, be on the look-out for a spammer wave that's been going round, will ya? Spammer name "disa"; everybody's been getting hit, it check your back posts!!!

Katney said...

I spotted it, but didn't know it was a Porsche.