Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Header Challenge - The Great Frederick Fair

Last week was the 151-st edition of The Great Frederick Fair. The Fair showcased the agriculture industry in Frederick County, as well as arts and crafts. Food, rides, games and entertainment were also a big part of the 9 day event.

We went on one of the days us old folk got in free. First we grabbed some food and a drink from the root beer truck.
A stroll through some of the exhibits found the winning pumpkins and some of the kids craft work with farm produce.

We skipped the concerts this year and just watched some of the kids having fun.

At the birthing center, Zeus was born about 4 hours earlier and another cow was in labor. One of the owners was explaining the process and answering questions. A Holstein calf weighs between 80 and 100 pounds at birth, learns to stand and start nursing within 30 minutes after birth. She asked the crowd to suggest names and then held a voice vote. The crowd was divided on "Sonny" and "James" so this one became Sonny James. The piglets in my header were about 12 hours old when I took the picture.

New models of farm machinery are on display and they are ready to take your order for a new tractor, combine, or other equipment.

For more photos from the fair, see my Our World post.


Jackie said...

I used to go to the fair each year with our children; I haven't gone to one in years, but these photos bring back so many happy memories of autumn and the fair!

RuneE said...

It looked like a lively fair. I wouldn't by the equipment, but I would have enjoyed the show.

Julie said...

Really love this header Lew. great show. Mac from the Isle of Skye.

Christine said...

These are great! I think that's amazing you could see the animals just after birth or even in labor. I'd hate to be a cow, to have to learn to walk so quickly! ;)


Craver Vii said...

Good fun! Having grown up in Chicago, I have never been to an event like that.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said... that's where the pigs came from...fairs are great for animal and people watching!