Monday, August 23, 2010

My World - Family

Our grandsons Chris and Michael have come for a visit most years for a while, as did granddaughter Christy. Many times we have met their parents in Pulaski, VA (about half way to their home) for the trip to/from our house. This time we met at brother-in-law John's near Raleigh, NC. Our visits with Lynne and John are always fun. A special treat was that Christy and great-grandson Bryce were along.

Michael entertains with a few card tricks

and some music

Mom and the boys catch some shuteye

Too bright outside for Bryce


RuneE said...

Where would we be without our family? Nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Ah, family times are the best!

Sylvia K said...

Such a lovely family, Lew! And these are indeed the best of times! Have a great week!


Arija said...

How lovely for you to have your progeny visit.
We are just so lucky and have had half our clan live on site for the last 18 years so we could watch and be part of our grandchildren growing up and starting career paths.

Rajesh said...

Wnderful family reunion. The little one is very cute.

Ann said...

I hope that is not Bryce's passport photo. We just have on TV a consumer's rights program. Our internal affairs dept requires everyone including babies to have both eyes open and mouth closed. A baby's photo was rejected because he opened his mouth.