Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sky Watch Friday - Saturday skies

Blue sky and clouds reflected in blue Chevelle

Reflected sun in Carroll Creek

Sun behind the suspension footbridge

Reflected sky
I take a shot of this building almost every time I walk by. Our sky had lots of clouds interspersed with bright blue. Usually we have hazy, smoggy skies in late summer but cooler weather pushed through and we got a pleasant end to our summer.


Sylvia K said...

Marvelous shots, Lew! I love the ones with reflections in particular! Beautiful!

Enjoy your weekend!


Guy D said...

Great variety of photos Lew, I enjoyed them all.

Have a great weekend
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kden said...

Wonderful set of skies. I love the reflection in the beautiful blue car, it looks like the clouds were painted on.

J Bar said...

Some great shots.
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Solo said...

I live how the sky above reflected on that car. ;D Thanks for sharing.

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Basyon said...

Those are lovely shots! Especially the last one. ;D

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magnus said...


nadine1111 said...

Great shot!

Louise said...

Nice time of year for light. I love the blue skies on the blue Chevelle. And "Chevelle" just rolls off of my tongue!