Monday, September 7, 2009

My World Tuesday - First Saturday

First Saturday in Frederick brings out the performers and crowds. This month the theme was international. I strolled through part of the 15 blocks of entertainment and took a few shots. The band above was good, a little jazz and a little country music while I was in listening distance.

These three in costume were strolling down the street.

People and flags on Patrick Street

Hard Swimmin' Fish were setting up to play

One of Frederick's international restaurants

The Everedy Teddy was passing out discount coupons to the stores in


Sylvia K said...

Do they do that every first Saturday? Looks like a lot of fun! Great shots, Lew, as always!

Have a great week!


Marites said...

Looks like a fun place to be! I like the ones in costume and i'd probably be sitting nearby sipping coffee if that band is good:)

My World is here.

kaye said...

very interesting place.

as for marking the roads for snowplows in the winter, they use 8 ft. plexi pipe fastened on 4 ft mile markers along the edge of the road. Some of the plexi pipe has orange flags, some have black. Some of our snow gets stacked pretty high in the winter.

PERBS said...

Looks like it was a fun event. We have a First Friday Art Walk in which we visit exhibits at 7 different art places and have refreshments as we stroll around looking. Last Friday, they also ahd demonstrations of different types of dancing in the streets.

Solo said...

Great shots Lew! ;D And that Teddy is so cute. Looking forward on your next post. Have a good day. ;D

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Basyon said...

This is so cool! They do this every first Sunday?

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SandyCarlson said...

I want to go there. You make it so inviting.

BPOTW said...

Nice view of your world!