Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Header Challenge - Repeated pattern

Repeated patterns abound in nature and in things we humans have made. My header is the rear of older row of houses in Frederick, architecturally similar with differences in color or window placement.  Here are some other examples. 

Windows in a new addition to an old building

Furrors in a field

Portraits of people who have contributed to society over the years

The rails and ties of a railroad

The petals of a tulip

The grain of a board (with sleet falling)

The brick beside Carrol Creek

The walkway beside the library


imac said...

You're a week ahead of yourself Lew, its yours -

imac said...

I'm back on the right week Lew, lol
Lovely repeated patterns of the roof tops and all post pics also DF

Katney said...

My favorite is the furrows in the field, but of course, I'm a country girl.

Christine said...

I love love love your header image! My other favorites are the canoes (not the brick--those canoes are repeating and they really stand out); what a great shot, perspective, color, pattern. And the walkway beside the library. Very, very nice!