Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Header Challenge - Pictures last month

 Sunset - February 20

Kathy suggested "Pictures taken in the last month" to fill in for the very busy Craver. I interpreted this to mean images taken during the period February 18 - March 17. During this period I took 450 images. The prominent theme was winter. The weather was colder than usual and we had more snow than an average winter. But snow melted and signs of spring recently appeared. So here is a view of our past month.

 Snowy morning - February 22

 Rear view - February 22

 Snow runner - February 24

 Singing for lunch - February 24

 Blue Ridge Summit, PA - February 26

 Geese - February 27

 Suet line - March 5

 Moon light shadows - March 6

 Icicles - March 7

 Crocus - March 15

 Crocus - March 17


imac said...

Hey Lew, Pure Magic, what a great collection and such a difference within a month. Love the shadows.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very cool Lew, the weather has certainly has made a turn for the better.

Katney said...

You had a busy month, and, as usual, a lot of lovely images.

Christine said...

That's a great collection of images from this last month! Looks like spring is coming. I enjoyed the crocuses at the end of your post.