Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Header Challenge - Christmas is coming

When I suggested this theme, we were planning a busy weekend after Thanksgiving getting ready for Christmas: outside decorations, tree decorated, and so forth. Then we got invited to spend Thanksgiving with Marianne's son and family. We had a grand time visiting and ate too much, but no Christmas decorations. Not that Christmas was forgotten as Marianne had been busy getting gifts wrapped (and we delivered some on our trip). But

our tree is bare

and we have other presents ready to mail.

My header shows the neighbors were busy while we were away.


Jackie said...

Your header is gorgeous!!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Nice and bright Lew.

Christine said...

I love Christmas lights! It's so nice to have neighbors who decorate so I can enjoy them without having to go out in the cold and do it myself, lol. Lovely header!!

Katney said...

Nice when the neighborhood lights up. Our son in law was busy putting up lights when we left Arizona--getting it all done before knee surgery.

imac said...

Real great show Lew, love the lights.
Glad you had a festive time also my friend