Monday, August 11, 2014

My World - Buggy

As I was cutting the grass, I spotted something orange ahead. So I stopped to investigate. It did not move so I left it alone and went about finishing the grass (skipping a small spot). The next morning it was still there so I picked it it up to investigate (and take more pictures). It was a Regal moth with a wing span of about 4 inches.


Cicada killer wasp
Young praying mantis


Sylvia K said...

Ah, Lew, you have some interesting little critters in your world!! What fun shots for the day! Have a wonderful week!!

Christian WeiƟ said...

Great critters, the moth looks really huge.

eileeninmd said...

Lew, neat collection of insects.. I like the moth, sorry it was not alive. Great post, enjoy your week!

carol l mckenna said...

More great photography of nature's gifts for OWT ~

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

Jim said...

Fascinating creatures

Mike said...

Lovely bugs. Great shots.

Iowa Voice

Fun60 said...

That was some moth! great close ups.

Jackie said...

I had to back away from the computer monitor.
I don't do bugs....not at all.
And those are life-like photographs! May I kindly say, "Yuck!" (Actually, an off-handed compliment to your photography skills!)