Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Header Challenge - Bird

Craver  picked bird for the theme this week. I choose as my header a soaring vulture taken in 2008. These images are individual birds I photographed in our yard this August. There have been plenty of finches and small birds at our feeders, often many squabbling over a turn on a perch. The dove just waited on the ground below the feeders for seeds to drop.

On the morning  of August 8, a young hawk spent about 5 minutes in our bird bath. No other bird came near the feeders that day. A few showed up the next, but the gold finches did not return until the third day. 


imac said...

Soaring high with your Turkey Vulture Header Lew.
Love your post pics also my friend.

Craver Vii said...

Nice catch at the bird bath. Mine broke, and we have not purchased a new bird bath yet. I know that would make a difference in how many birds visit my yard. Smart finches to stay away 'till the 3rd day!

Fun collection, Lew!

katney said...

I've not had hawks in my yard, but I see hawks frequently along our travels. They always choose the tallest tree in their territory--the top of the tallest tree. Waiting. Waiting.

(Unless there might happen to be the occasional eagle in the tallest tree, in which case, they defer.)

Christine said...

Wow, that hawk is amazing! And I love your header, how the sun is reflecting off/through the vulture. Nice captures!

Jackie said...

I can only imagine a hawk in my bird bath. AND, if I was a bird, I wouldn't return for 3 weeks! Scary sight to those smaller birds to see Mr. Hawk perching there.
Wonderful shots!!!!