Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Header Challenge - Boxes


The day after Christmas is know as "Boxing Day" in England and that or the more generic "boxes" is the header theme. I will leave it to Mac to give the official description of Boxing Day in the UK. But part of the tradition involves boxes of food and gifts for the less well off. The same happens here. The US Marines collect and distribute Toys for Tots. The Boy Scouts in our area do a food drive the week before Thanksgiving. We support these efforts and occasionally drop off food at the local community food bank. And so a box of boxes (and some cans) of food were dropped off at the food bank earlier this week in honor of the British tradition of Boxing Day!

Boxes also played a part in our own family tradition of exchanging gifts. We are not traveling this Christmas, so with the help of the US Postal Service boxes of gifts were sent to our family scattered across this USA. We also received some boxes from across the USA, which were put under the tree. They have now been open and we are enjoying the contents. Thanks all. The rest of the post is just having fun with camera and gift boxes we have to use on a future Christmas.
Karma Kitty and boxes
Shadow boxes

Nested boxes

Nested lids


imac said...

Lovely thoughts of the less well off folk Lew, and a fun Boxes Post.

RuneE said...

Boxes in boxes in boxes ... Well done!
And a merry Christmas to you and your dear ones.

Craver Vii said...

I like the nested and shadow pics. Thanks for helping out with the donations. My wife and I run our local food pantry. We gave extra last week so that we could close this week to give our volunteers a well-deserved holiday break.

Jackie said...

Love things that nest (especially boxes)...makes them easier to store for following year's use.
Have a Happy New Year.

katney said...

Fun with boxes--my header is fun with boxes, too, and other kinds of boxes in the post.

Alas, those of us who though we would bet a personal explanation of Boxing Day from Mac are out of luck. He has sent us to Google.

Christine said...

Love the nested boxes image; really neat pattern. Your header is great; with our own "lean" Christmas this year, giving to others really strikes a chord. Thanks for sharing.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Lew: What a simple header of boxes. Neat box captures in your post.