Monday, October 8, 2012

Our World - A tribute to a Brit in Maryland

On this past Saturday, Wing Commander Eric Ackermann, G.M., RAF was honored in a memorial service at his grave site in Emmitsburg, MD. Recently, Peter Jackson and David Haysom published a book on Eric's life. Eric's contributions to the Allied victory were in the area of radar and signal intelligence. He flew missions to detect transmissions and later led units involved in gathering intelligence. 
The ceremony was in conjunction with Peter Jackson's visit to the area where Eric lived the last years of his life. He wanted to pay tribute to Eric during his visit. Judy Ackermann (wife of Eric's son, Peter, who was unable to attend due to unexpected job requirements at his location in Thailand.)  then put in motion the event pictured here. Chance Bazzano, Commander of the Stonewall Jackson chapter of the Disabled American Veterans and a friend of the Ackermanns, agreed to support the effort as did the Emmitsburg Memorial Post of the VFW.
Judy Ackermann, and son Nick Ackermann with other dignitaries.

Peter Jackson

Placing the remembrance cross

British and US flags presented to Eric's family

Medals presented to Eric for service in the RAF
including the George Medal

 Eric's commission
Emmitsburg VFW hosted the luncheon, shown here with
Wing Commander Al Morrow of the RAF

Peter Jackson signs a copy of his book

A call from Peter Ackerman

In the 1960's Eric moved to the Washington, DC area working on communications at Marconi and later at COMSAT. Initially he lived near Washington, but later bought a farm near Emmitsburg, MD. Thus, one of Great Britain's unsung hero's final resting place is in a small town near us. Peter and Judy Ackermann are friends of ours and he, Marianne and I had worked at COMSAT Labs. Marianne also knew Eric and visited in his home. I met him briefly during our time at COMSAT, but I did not know Eric personally.


Al said...

What a nice tribute - we owe those who served during the wars so much.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, what a wonderful tribute indeed, Lew!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! An amazing man!!And we do owe them all so very much!! Thanks for letting me know you were able to sign in!! Sandy has been working on it since yesterday!! I wouldn't have wanted to miss this post for sure!!

Nikki said...

A wonderful tribute Lew. Thanks so much for sharing.

Luna Miranda said...

a lovely tribute to a hero.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Mr. Ackerman's connection to radar and signal intelligence was particularly interesting to me. I recently retired, but at the school where I taught, we honoured a Mr. Fred Mullins who died just over a year ago at age 92, but came every year to speak to our students on Remembrance Day. He also had been trained to use radar, and he told stories that I'm remembering again after reading your post.