Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sky Watch - Carolina skies

and a Maryland sunset. We have been busy the past few weeks. The kitchen is finished and we have moved everthing from boxes to the new cabinets. Marianne's sisters visited and we took a trip to North Carolina for a family gathering at her brother's house.


Black Jack's Carol said...

Sounds like things are calming down after some busy times and some good times. Will look forward to cabinet pictures :)

The "U" shape that the surrounding trees form in your first shot really bring out the lovely clouds on a powder blue sky. And, I'm still trying to figure out the "men in top hats dancing along the top of the biggest cloud in your Maryland sunset. Surely, there's a story there.

Jackie said...

You know that I have a biiiig place for North Carolina in my heart.
We have a place in western NC, and I would live there in a skinny minute (if my Grandchildren would all move there, too! :))) )
Smiles and hugs to you,