Friday, June 29, 2012

Sky Watch - Blue and white

Last week we had some very spring like days, with comfortable temperatures and low humidity. Now we are back to summer with temps near 100 and heat index 105.


eileeninmd said...

Beautiful white puffy clouds, Lew! I like the first shot the cloud is framed by the roof and tree. Stay cool! Very pretty skies, happy skywatching!

Lea said...

Blue skies and fluffy white clouds - Beautiful!
Happy Sky Watch Friday!
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Black Jack's Carol said...

100?? Yikes! That you were out getting sky shots is really commendable, and I too love the way that first shot is framed. The blue seems to form a partial heart. So pretty, but I guess a few more rain clouds wouldn't be a bad thing to cool things down.

Powell River Books said...

You are so lucky, you have the blue skies. We are so lucky, we have the cooler weather. I guess it all balances out. - Margy

chubskulit said...

Gorgeous! Visiting late from Sky Watch Friday.

Please come take a peek at my Sky Shots, have a great weekend!

Brenda Cortes said...

Beautiful......Happy Skywatch.

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Nita Davis said...

Beautiful skies! I love it when the sky is so blue and there are fluffy white clouds. Have a great week.

Craver Vii said...

Hello Lew! These are delightful contrasts, and beautifully rich blue backdrops for the fluffy white clouds. Cheers.