Friday, April 27, 2012

Sky Watch - Dark clouds

We have had a lot of threatening weather recently, but only one real good rain.


Patty said...

Love those stormy cloud photos. We had 'em too. Needed a little rain for the garden.

Guess you have had all the wind. Will it ever stop blowing?

Have a good weekend.

Jackie said...

It's been the same way here...and we NEED the rain so much.
It was very windy and the temp. was a little cooler here on Monday, but it's back up to the 90's today.
I love storm clouds, and your photos of the dark ones are very pretty!

The Write Girl said...

Rainstorms usually bring dramatic and spectacular looking skies. Enjoyed your sky watch shots!

Joyful said...

Wow, that's a very dramatic looking sky (top photo). So glad you didn't get more rain to match.

Genie said...

We have been getting the rains, too. I like bright blue sun filled skies, but ones like these are also spectacular in their own way. Wonderful captures. genie