Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our World - Kitchen remodeling part 2

Olga and Dan were nearly finished when I took this shot. The moldy drywall was already bagged. Insulation was removed just in case any mold was hiding. Below they are removing debris from the floor. Paul Davis Restorations specializes in fire, water and storm damage in addition to mold. Thanks to Olga, Dan and Jerry for solving our mold problem quickly.

The termite damage is over the door and a six foot section of the wall. This damage is being repaired by Brian and his crew. (The termites were treated years ago and have not returned. There had been no reason to tear into the wall until now.)

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Jackie said...

Wonderful news about the finishing of the cleaning of the mold. I know that you are happy about that. Continued success to you as your renovation progresses. Love the photos!!