Monday, September 26, 2011

Our World - Frederick Fair

The Great Frederick Fair grounds are in the eastern side of the city. The fair exhibits are around a race track (rail in foreground) - food and exhibits to the left, large animals to the right, and the carnival rides and games across the track. The fair is a nine day event, with juried exhibits of agricultural, arts and crafts. (There are hundreds of photos entered). We spent the afternoon sampling a little of all the exhibits, but not taking any rides.

Food vendors continued to the right around the end of the race track. Lots of fried stuff, good barbeque (pork, beef and chicken), international selections and sweet stuff. (We had pork BBQ and fresh potato chips). 

This baby goat was born at the fair (he did get his head free from the fence). When we were there two cows and a sow were in labor. 

Sheep looking for hs friends

Scare crow greeter

4-H Club garden exhibit


Sylvia K said...

Looks like a great fair! And the cows, pigs and sheep were definitely busy!! Glad the little guy got his head loose without damage! Great captures, Lew!! Enjoy your week!!


Anonymous said...

What fun - I do love a good fair!

Karen said...

Fall fairs are such fun! Such diverse attractions.

Snap said...

I love fairs and livestock shows. Animal watching is such fun. This look like a great day.

Jackie said...

This would be the equivalent of our Agricultural shows, lots of animals, lots of food, and crafts of all kinds. I like the scarecrow greeter.

We have a number of villages over here that hold scarecrow festivals, they usually last a week, most house-holders will make up a scarecrow and display it somewhere on their property, sometimes there is a theme to it. Next year I'll have to take some photo's from one of them for Our World Tuesday.

Arija said...

Gosh, a nine day event! That must be hard on the exhibiting farmers and think of the clean-up after! Our Agricultural show is just for a day and produces 10 truckloads of manure. Hope you had a great time there.
Our state fair lasts a week though . . .
great post with the animals.

Saun said...

Hi Lew, I love your header. Fairs are so much fun my favorite thing is going through all the barns with the animals. Have a great weekend :)