Monday, October 18, 2010

My World - Horse and buggy day

Actually these horse-drawn carriages and wagons on the fall Rose Hill Carriage and Maryland Draft Horse and Mule Association drive through historic Frederick. The drive begins at Rose Hill Manor on the north end of Market Street. The procession went west through Baker Park, across Market Street, down East Street, along Patrick Street and back north on Market Street to Rose Hill Manor.


Al said...

I'd love to take a ride on one of those, it would be so much fun. Nice shots!

MichaleenFlynn said...

Beautiful! I want to be there next year!
I wish every day was horse and buggy day, everywhere!

moe lauher said...

It was a great day for a parade - thanks for sharing your world

BraCom (Bram) said...

Beautiful My World posting

Have a nice week,
Greetings, Bram

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Rambling Round said...

Beautiful day for a horse-drawn carriage ride!

Kay L. Davies said...

Isn't that wonderful?
Makes me think of the insult hurled at drivers when cars first appeared on the roads: "Get a horse!"
Doesn't sound like such a bad idea now, as Michaleen said, but you'd never find anyone who would take on the lowly job of cleaning up after the horses.
Thanks for a glimpse into yesteryear, Lew.

Kay, Alberta

Pagan Sphinx said...

That's very cool! Great photos.

My entry is here

RuneE said...

It must be great to watch such a parade - that is living history. Kudos to the folks who keep these carriages in order. Not to mention taking care of the horses.

Gwendolyn L said...

What a great post. I love these parades. I'll have to remember and try to attend some year. Thanks for sharing.