Monday, October 4, 2010

My World - Fall is here!

Marianne and I went to Frederick's Oktoberfest. We also wandered through the downtown streets where halloween was the theme for the city's First Saturday celebration. On Sunday I visited the Rose Hill Fall Festival. Next weekend Thurmont holds its Colorfest, with hundreds of artists and craftsmen exhibiting (and selling) their work. Other posts of these events: Oktoberfest in frederick.

Downtown was decorated for halloween on First Saturday and we had a delightful dinner by Carroll Creek as the sun set.

Activities for kids and demonstrations of old farm equipment at Rose Hill.


Sylvia K said...

What a fun way to welcome Fall! I always enjoyed Oktoberfest when I lived in Germany! Love your photos, Lew, next best thing to being there! Hope you have a great week!


RuneE said...

And they say that this is the time of year when everything and everyone goes into hibernation? Not where you live :-)

Ann said...

Oktober fest in Singapore in a Swiss Restaurant, they sell these yummy giant roasted pork hock. Yummm!!!!