Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sky Watch - Cool skies

After a bunch of days with the temperature around 100, Thursday was in the low 80's with lots of blue above the fluffy, white clouds. I went looking for some fresh corn and cantaloupes. The first place I stopped had neither, but it is a beautiful spot to take pictures of sky, farms and Catoctin Mountain. And a few vultures soaring made a nice touch. I found corn and cantaloupes at another place.

For a couple of interesting sky images from NASA, see color of sun light and sunset from the Space Station.


Sylvia K said...

Marvelous captures, as always, Lew! Such beautiful blue skies and lovely clouds! Happy 4th of July! Have a wonderful weekend!


J Bar said...

Great shots. I especially like the clouds in teh first shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

RuneE said...

A nice summer sky - very inviting, but I hope the vultures kept their distance :-)

LadyFi said...

Refreshing skies - love the whipped cream of clouds.

Dani said...

great captures, indeed.

Have a joyous weekend!

Al said...

I love the wonderful sky and the expansive view.