Saturday, July 10, 2010

PhotoHunt - Free as

a bird

and a fawn

and both free entertainment for us!


Katya said...

Oh, you have two lovely entries! They are both great for the free theme, for sure! I love seeing little fawns...they are so precious!

Happy Weekend!

Find my entry here:

And Miles To Go... said...

I especially love the deer photo. It really reminds me of where I lived as a child, where deer roamed FREE.

Mar said...

Oh, lovely pictures for the theme!!

noel said...


i enjoyed your interpretation of free, those are great seeing in the wild

Manang Kim said...

Oh my gush my favorite ones the hummingbird and a fawn. Thanks for sharing makes me smile. Happy Saturday!

Luna Miranda said...

oh wow, these are marvelous photos for the theme. the deer, in my mind, is a symbol of "free". beautiful!

Anneke (Mudhooks) said...

We see deer frequently but only very rarely have I seen a hummingbird. I THINK I saw one yesterday when driving home but it was hard to tell. It was flitting about above the heavy traffic and I couldn't keep my eye on it for fear of hitting something.

chubskulit said...

I haven't seen humming bird for a while in our area, thanks for sharing this beautiful shot!

I am late with my post, but here hoping you can still take a peek on my FREE stuff.

Al said...

That hummingbird photo is fantastic!