Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Window Views - Doors and windows

No. 212 with transom window

Last Saturday I went to the first Saturday celebration in Frederick, primarily to see the antique cars on display. I also walked around a bit and took some shots of doors and windows to share here. The oval plaque to the right of the door indicates that this house is registered with the Frederick County Landmarks Foundation (as is the Perry Beall Mccleery house shown below).

Marshall Etchison's Bookstore

Elliot's entrance (half floor down)

Perry Beall McCleery House

Red doors with windows above


Jules said...

Love the first one. So cool. Your photos made my day Lew. =D
Keep on taking photos.

The Brown Mestizo

EG Wow said...

All the doors look very well maintained. Nice collection, Lew!

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