Saturday, May 8, 2010

PhotoHunt - Mom

Here are three shots of Mom from the past (scanned from prints). Above is a shot of Mom with Dad taken before they were married. And below is a shot of Mom with me. Dad took the second one and probably the first using the timer on his camera. The last one is the last photo of Mom that I took at Christmas 1999, four months before she died. I still miss you Mom!


rdl said...

sweet. i wanted to scan a photo of my mom - who died over 30 yrs. ago but can't get my scanner to work, so i had to settle for mother nature.

Scott said...

We never do forget our Moms and it's a good thing. Nice pics and an excellent angle on this week's theme.

noel said...


love the photo and your thoughts, thanks for sharing

happy mothers day to you

gorgeous nelly said...

Wow, that's sweet. I wanted to scan old photos of my mom too. Thanks for sharing.

Mine's up too.

EG Wow said...

Very nice photos and words. I bet you were a very good son!