Monday, April 19, 2010

My World - Flowers and wind

Spring has arrived in spurts in our yard - some 90 degree days and some 40 degree days, with a few "spring" days thrown in. We cut the lilacs back last year so there are no a lot of blooms, but the ones we have are gorgeous. The cherry trees bloomed while we were in SC and the wind this weekend blew many of them off the trees.

Cherry blossoms in grass and driveway

Our yellow daffodils near the house bloom very early. These under the lilacs come along a month later.


Sylvia K said...

Your flowers are exquisite, Lew! As are your photos of them! Our lilacs are doing the same thing and are so beautiful! Thanks for the beauty! Have a great week!


J Bar said...

Beautiful blooms.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Anonymous said...

Oh the flowers are spring are delightful. I have no doubt that they have healing powers.

luna miranda said...

lovely flowers. Spring is definitely refreshing!

Solo said...

They are so pretty. Nice shot of those flowers. ;D Enjoy the spring. ;D

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Denise said...

You must have a wonderful garden Lew. These photos are great.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Mmmm... LIlacs & cherry blossoms. Two of my Spring favorites. =)

April said...

Yay! I love flowers too. I am looking for a nice place and has so many flowers to shoot. ;d I envy your photos Lew. And yes, hope my hubby would read my blog about what i want on my birthday haha. Avril is getting bigger and bigger. ;D

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