Monday, July 6, 2009

Bridges on the way to Connecticut

After a delightful 3 -week visit with us, including a side trip to NC, we took Elaine back to Connecticut on June 26. The most direct way is to Baltimore and follow I 95/New Jersey Turnpike to New York, then up I-684 to Danbury. Along the way, we cross two significant shipping channels. The first is the Delaware River that serves ports in Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware. The second is the Hudson River between New Jersey and New York. It was overcast and hazy for most of the trip and then heavy rain as we drove north from New York City. Traffic was heavy and slow across NYC and with the rain north of the city. It took us 3 hours to go the last 66 miles from the end of the New Jersey Turnpike to Elaine's. My thanks to Marianne who took these shots as I drove.

Approach to Delaware Memorial Bridge

The Delaware Memorial Bridge is a twin-span, suspension bridge. The first span was completed in 1951 and the second span opened in 1968, as traffic far exceeded the original estimates. Each span carries 4 lanes of traffic. The main spans are 2,150 feet and total length of the bridge is 2.5 miles. The towers are 417 feet high and the bridge is 188 feet above the shipping channel.

On the north bound span

The George Washington Bridge is a 14-lane, two-level suspension bridge. The upper level opened in 1931 and the lower level in 1962. The GW bridge towers are 604 feet high and shipping clearance is 212 feet. The length of the bridge is 4,760 feet. There are multiple roads leading to and from the bridge, with a number of merges and possible exits. The bridge is not a place for a timid driver on a Friday afternoon!

Almost to the bridge

Lower level of the bridge

View from bridge south - City of New York on left


Erin said...

omg...three hours to go 66 miles. unreal.
so enjoyed the post and the commentary and history of the bridges. great captures.
have a lovely afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Lew, amazing shots! I haven't gone the GWB in a long time( I like to take the Hamilton Bridge and cut down some old back roads )...

Summer said...

Such a nice post. Very informative bout the history of the bridges. And great photos here. Have a wonderful day ahead.=D