Monday, April 20, 2009

My World Tuesday - Construction

Construction has continued around Frederick, even with the economic slow down in the US. This condo building is going up in a parking lot next to the old train station (green roof building). The center of down town is one block north (exit left of picture) and one block west. Carroll Creek Park is on the other side of the Delaplaine Art Center (red brick building). Within a few blocks are office buildings, courthouse, restaurants, shopping and the new train station. Across the street work has begun on the Frederick County Public Schools new office building. And in the same area, one old building is being renovated for new uses. At other sites around Frederick, work is continuing, though at a few construction seems to have stopped.

Condo Building

New School office site



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Erin said...

a happy monday lew...
enjoyed your post and always enjoy seeing what is going on in your part of the world ;)

we have several projects going up in our part of the world as well. probably were in the works before the down turn. though, we have several businesses calling it quits including a sportsman warehouse that was only a year old.
have a great week.

Sylvia K said...

It is amazing and encouraging -- I think, to see all the building taking place there. It's happening around some areas in Seattle, too. Hope it means good things for all of us. Great photos and post, Lew!
Have a great week!

ewok1993 said...

It's really nice to see that economic crunch is not putting a dent in your town's plan.

nature ramblings said...

Busy town you have there. Nice to see new construction that's not at a stand still. Great pictures and nice blog. Thanks for sharing.

Marites said...

constructions mean development in the place and it seems Frederick is doing well inspite of the economic slowdown in the US. That is reassuring.

My world is up too.

Barb said...

Looks as though Frederick is booming. Thanks for sharing your world, Lew.

Baruch said...

Every expanding ... would never say the world is in recession ...

Patty said...

Thanks for visiting my site. Glad you liked it, and that you went to my Third World site. Most people don't notice it on the side bar.

The flowers shots were beautiful, and I loved the last shot of the building.

Never been to Crisfield? You should visit during one of our events.

Nice to meet another Maryland photographer. You should join our merry "gang" of photographers in our Friday shootouts. Each week, someone picks an assignment and we highlight our towns in photos.

This Friday we have an open assignment, so shoot what you like, use "My Town Friday Shootout" as the subject, so people will know who is participating, and join us in the fun.

Nice meeting you. And head on over Crisfield for some crabs. Give a yell when you come.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Nice to see the economic downturn is not affecting you too bad there. That looks like a nice new school office building going up.

Arija said...

Good to see things being built during an economic downturs so people are in work.

Louise said...

Sometimes I'm amazed at the construction in some areas though the economy is so "bad." Apparently not bad for all!

LOVE you purple flowers in the previous post... all of them!

RuneE said...

I suppose that as long as there is work to be had on should applaud all such activities. Looks nice though.

Thank you for the comment!