Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My World Tuesday - New construction

Last week as I made a trip through Frederick I encountered this road block. So I stopped and took a few photos before turning around and taking another path to my destination. They have been digging a hole at this site for several months, so I was not surprised to see above ground work beginning.

The crane workmen were up top connecting the pieces as they were lifted in place. This is not a job I want to try.

A few days later the crane was ready for heavy lifting.


Louise said...

Road projects always take months here. Then they stop for a month, then they are back in the same place for more months. Drives me crazy. And when one drives by, it is difficult to discern that they are really doing anything. It looks like they are actually repairing improving in your area, at least!

Sara G said...

Great post and pictures. That is some crane!!
Take care and thanks for sharing your world with us.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

That's one of the joys of living in rural OKlahoma, very few roadworks! COming from London it's a great joy!

The Good Life in Virginia said...

interesting photos of that public works project...noticed prices for goods are less in your area than ours. i paid 1.67 for 87 grade gas today...still can't understand why price high again when the barrel price is low.

have a good week.


fishing guy said...

Lew: Neat photos of all the construction in your world. What a neat idea.
BTW: I think Chris does want to play for Texas.

Lawstude said...

everything for the better. hope to see the finished project soon.

let me share my white water rafting adventure to you here