Monday, February 2, 2009

Bridges Between - Sixes Road Bridge

Bridge from upstream
The Sixes Road Bridge is the only two-span historic remaining on the Monocacy River owned by Frederick County. Its 240 feet length makes it is the longest historic bridge in the county. It is located in the northeastern part of Frederick County down stream from Bullfrog Road Bridge. In this section of Frederick County the Monocacy River forms the border with Carroll County, Maryland. The bridge was built in 1915 by the York Bridge Company. The design is Pratt truss. The bridge was rehabilitated in 1995.

Info from Frederick County Dept of Highways and Transportation.

Looking south across bridge to Carroll County

Looking upstream

Side rail detail


RuneE said...

I agree - you seldom see that kind "split in two". I have one on the disk that was built across a small river further inland in connection with the building of a power station. They look very sturdy - on the other have they look as the came "ready made".

Re your comment - The bridges carry ordinary inner city traffic - even a tram long ago. However, most of the pictures were taken on Sunday December 28...

Lene said...

reat post. I would love to see this bridge from different seasons :)

Katney said...

Forgive me if I don't comment one each of the posts I have just caught up on. Lately I can't sit long enough to do all the visiting. Not for the reason of some of the kids I used to teach who couldn't sit still, but a strained hip telling me I sit at the computer too much.

There are so many interesting bridges around the world. I am glad that Rune started us looking at them. I enjoyed the preceding posts as well. Your photos are always worth looking at.

PERBS said...

What a neat historical bridge! Thanks for sharing it and for dropping by to see mine.

John said...

This was a very nice bridge photo series. Great bridge posting, Lew.

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