Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My World Tuesday - Expanding business

Last week I showed you a few scenes of the more bucolic part of Frederick County. This week I bring you a few shots of the business environment in and near Frederick City. The first 3 photos are of new buildings in an industrial park just east of the city. The first appears to be a manufacturing facility; the others are office/warehouse type buildings. When I took these pictures in July the buildings looked like they were ready for occupancy, but not yet in use.

This is a photo of part of the satellite facility at Fort Detrick. Fort Detrick is expanding due to the ongoing realignment of US military bases. The base is primarily a medical research facility and is home to the Army Medical Research and Material Command and the National Cancer Research Institute. In the 1970's the Russia-US hot line was located here.


Louise said...

Very interesting buidlings. The medical research is epsecially intriguing.

imac said...

Looks like you have a thriving workforce there.Very interesting.

Rambling Woods said...

I am really enjoying the My World Meme and getting to visit other places...good post Lew

Sara G said...

Great posts. I often wonder what types of businesses use this huge buildings being built!
They are sure pretty buildings.
Thanks for sharing your part of the world with us!

John said...

Nicely framed shots and interesting information. Thanks for sharing, Lew.