Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bridges Between - Utica Mills Covered Bridge

This is the third covered bridge still in use on public roads in Frederick County. (Loy's Station and Roddy are the other two.) Utica Mills bridge was built in the 1850's over the Monocacy River. It was washed out during the storm of 1889 (famous for flooding Johnstown, PA). Local residents salavged the bridge and move it to its current location over Fishing Creek. Originally, it was a 100-foot Burr arch truss bridge, based on a 1804 design by Thedodore Burr. In the 1930's it was reinforced with steel beams and a concrete pier added. It underwent a major restoration in 1997.

The combination of the arch and truss makes for a more rigid structure than abridge with only one method of support.

The road to the east. When I first crossed this bridge years ago, the road was gravel. It has been recently paved.

Fishing Creek runs gently under the bridge. It appears that the pier was restored in 1997.


RuneE said...

This was very informative to a person who comes from a country were such bridges are not used. I have seen pictures of them on various blogs, and I have never quite understood why they were covered. However, it seems that it gave a sturdier and more stable structure - wich makes sense (please inform me if I am wrong).

I enjoyed the pictures, especially those from inside, both the one showing the structure and the one looking out.

I appreciated this post very much.

Ida said...

Beautiful bridge.
We don`t have these type of bridges in Norway.
Your pictures reminds me of the book (and the film) "The Bridges Of Madison County".
One of my favourites. :)

BJ said...

Thanks for the nice photos of the Utica Mill covered bridge. The interior shot is especially interesting to me. I see things that I didn't know before. The vertical truss posts lean outward which is very rare.
Bridges were covered to keep the sun and rain from ruining the heavy wooden trusses. I have photographed over 900 of them across the USA and Canada.
You will love your Nikon D40...I have the same camera.
Keep up the good work!

Hyde DP said...

We don't have them in the UK either - thanks for the explanation.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

The inside is as interesting as the outside!

Anemone said...

I am really lafing of this pictures, looks like a farmers house with 2 holes.... a drunken driver ???:-)))))

Still it was very beautiful, and spesial.

Thanks for the watch.

John said...

Great set of bridge shots and nice information.

Tommy V said...

great pictures.

Pierre said...

Congratulations on an interesting, informative Blog and some fine photos - I've found this post particularly educational and will be back for more.
Regards from Cape Town,