Saturday, May 31, 2008

PhotoHunt - Me

We had clouds and rain most of the day, so I had a hat on when outside. The sun came out late and I took one more shot with my shadow included.


ancient one said...

Hey Lew,

Nice shots!!

Anonymous said...

I love that first photo. Did you take it in a mirror or windshield?

storyteller said...

Well done on the self-portrait and a nifty shot of your shadow beside the Day Lily. My Photo Hunt is at Small Reflections today.
Hugs and blessings,

Amy said...

Nice to meet you Lew! ;)

Lew said...

Alice, The picture is a side window of our van, The result is reflection, with some of the photo being through the van of stuff on the other side.

kaycee said...

Hi Lew,

Thanks for the visit & your kind comment on my flowers. For someone new to photography and blogging - that means a lot!

I looked at your photos & they're all great (the A. Adams collection & the bridge were my favorite).

Teena said...

And there you are!

I played too :)

imac said...

Great shot with your camera.
Ive got the Nikon D50.

pop over and see my Bridge also myself pic too.