Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Header Challenge - Elections

When I chose this theme for a heater I was planning to take my camera with me to vote and get some shots of folks going in to vote and all of the political signs that appear on Election Day. However, we decided to vote early. Here, the county opens 3 polling places and any registered voter can vote the week before the official Tuesday voting day. We chose to vote early and tried on the first day. It was raining; the parking lot was full so we went home. We went back a second time and the voting was easy - only a few minutes to show ID, get a ballot, mark it and put it in the scanner. Official voting Tuesday was cold and drizzly and I did not go back out with my camera, so my header is the only voting shot I have. It is the sticker given to all who voted.

Our head bangers on both sides of the big pond have now gone through contentious elections with the direction of both governments in flux and the outcome unknown. Certainly there will be much talk (especially by the pundits), but in the end I expect life will continue much as before for most of us.


imac said...

Sorry you never made it back to get more pics Lew, but I love the Badge, we get nothing when we vote,lol

Christine Soto said...

Wow, that's a great sticker--I mean that! We got just a boring one when we voted. I agree with you--personal lives will probably go on pretty much the same.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

That is a great sticker, pretty fancy down there.