Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Header Challenge Animals

I have not been out among the wild animals recently, but I have enjoyed watching the neighborhood critters cope with this winter's snow. The squirrels seem not to mind a bit and can find their acorns under a foot or more. My header is a view of the black Angus calves across the field.

Caught this one scurrying across the snow in the yard (the pile is where I shoveled off our patio). Above image has increased brightness. Below the brightness was increased.

The neighbor's cat walked the top of fence to avoid the snow and then did not know what to do. (It usually walks along the back to the house on the other side of us. To see another visiting animal from sever years ago, go to  http://lewspics.blogspot.com/2010/07/small-visitor.html.


imac said...

Lovely photos Lew DF, Like the 2 shots where you adjusted the Light.

Christine Soto said...

I love the last two images, of the squirrel shadow and the cat. Nice!