Wednesday, November 11, 2015

header Challenge - Then and now

The seasons are changing in our part of the world and I chose to illustrate those changes that are occurring rapidly. First, the field behind us on October 14 and below on November 11. The harvest was last weekend

Next the maple tree in our yard on November 4 in full color and below on November 10. (Guess where the  leaves went!)

You guessed right - they fell in our yard (above November 4). I have been raking - almost done on November 11).


imac said...

Neat showing of then and now Lew, I have to rake up next doors leaves as his tree overhangs our garden , bleedyleaves,lol

Christine Soto said...

I was thinking waaay back, but I like your take on the theme this week. There are almost no leaves on trees here today, since we have quite the windstorm--gusts up to 50mph!!

Katney said...

I just let them lie.